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Our Commitment Insectrum is devoted to environmental stewardship. As we navigate the intricate world of insects, we recognise the inherent value of the ecosystems they inhabit and the global significance of maintaining their health and diversity.

Sustainable Collection Practices

We collaborate exclusively with certified collectors, breeders, and ranchers who employ sustainable practices to harvest specimens. This means no harm is done to their natural habitats or the overall insect population. We promote and support the concept of 'ranching' where insects are bred in controlled environments, ensuring no depletion in the wild.

Conservation Initiatives

A portion of our profits is earmarked for conservation projects worldwide, focusing especially on the preservation of habitats that are rich in biodiversity. We continually collaborate with conservation organisations and communities dedicated to the well-being of our planet's flora and fauna.

Continuous Learning & Training

We invest in regular training for our team on the best environmental practices to ensure our internal operations mirror our external commitments. This extends to our partnerships with collectors, offering them resources and guidance to remain updated on sustainable collection methodologies.

Promoting Awareness As part of our outreach, we engage in public awareness campaigns to highlight the importance of insects and their habitats. We believe in fostering a deeper understanding of the ecological roles insects play, thus inspiring collective conservation efforts.

Carbon Neutral Goals Insectrum is actively researching ways to offset our carbon emissions. We are in the process of collaborating with organisations that plant trees and restore ecosystems, working towards a carbon-neutral future.

Ethical Partnerships We only partner with suppliers and third parties that share our environmental ethos, ensuring that our entire supply chain adheres to eco-friendly practices.

Transparency & Reporting

We are committed to periodic reviews and reporting on our environmental initiatives, ensuring transparency and welcoming feedback from our stakeholders.

Continuous Improvement

We recognise that environmental protection is a journey. Therefore, we consistently seek innovations and practices that can enhance our environmental impact further. At Insectrum, we believe that our work with insects positions us uniquely to champion the cause of environmental protection.


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